The Workout Barre

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18425 Champion Forest Drive Suite #250, Spring, TX 77379 United States 


A non-impact 60-minute class with high-impact results!!! The Workout Barre caters to women offering a unique Ballet Barre method of exercise designed to transforms and maintains optimal fitness by combining elements of modern exercise, with Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, and sports science research. The classes are choreographed to upbeat music making them enjoyable and effective. Barre classes can take your strength and flexibility to a whole new level, no matter what your age or current fitness abilities. This focused workout requires mental concentration, making the key mind/body connection. We sprinkle in some Power Mat Pilates classes to compliment the Barre. Each Barre class begins with exercises to warm-up, followed by upper body. Next, concentrated deep muscle movements that recruit stabilizing muscles are done at the Barre focusing on the core, thighs, seat, and legs. The class is segmented and appropriate stretching follows each section. The last 15 minutes concentrate on core strengthening and stability, followed by a cool down and final stretch.’Our equipment-free format engages stabilizing muscles that lie dormant when exercises machines are used for training. The formula we offer utilizes non-impact disciplines, which combine body weight and additional resistance to isolate, strengthen, align, build endurance, and beautifully sculpt a women’s physique. We use small props including hand weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls to enhance and challenge your workout. Our balanced approach to health and fitness also includes Personal Barre sessions to set you up for success, TRX Personal Training, Mat Pilates Personal Training tailored to your specific needs and goals.